Magic - Matt Mello - Modern Mentalism Vol 1 and 2

13-04-2013, 02:58
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Magic - Matt Mello - Modern Mentalism Vol 1 and 2.rar

Magic - Matt Mello - Modern Mentalism Vol 1 and 2
Magic - Matt Mello - Modern Mentalism Vol 1 and 2 | format: RMVB | 723 MB
Genre: Video Training
Modern Mentalism is a collection of 14 effects from the mind of Matt Mello spanning 2 volumes. It is one of the few DVDs on the market that appeals specifically to the entertainer performing mentalism close up. Another unique feature of Modern Mentalism is the absence of sleight-of-hand methods and awkward props. Instead Modern Mentalism uses clever principles interesting plots and extremely simple methods to create a collection of close up mentalism worthy of both casual and professional performers.

Volume 1
Serial - An on-the-spot serial number reading requiring nothing more than a borrowed dollar from your spectator.
Coffee Melt - Imagine if you could touch a straw and make it melt and bend at your command being able to control everything from speed to how far it will continue to bend.
Photographic - If you could really memorize a long string of code in seconds it would probably look something like this.
Lottery - This is Matt"s version of the add-a-number routine using the lottery as its theme. It uses no switch pads or gimmicks and as a bonus Matt also teaches a way to do this effect with absolutely nothing on you but a pen and paper.
Stop - A demonstration of suggestion and influence during a simple game with cards.
Handy Prediction - A spectator is asked to hold their hand up and then drop any amount of fingers. A card the performer is holding predicts the spectator?s actions.
Any Card at Any Number - Forget about complicated math and card counting and all of that and get ready for one of the simplest solutions to the "Card At Any Number Plot".
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Volume 2
An impromptu and powerful demonstration of the connection and bond between people using an ordinary deck of cards.
GI Joe - A method for revealing multiple pieces of information using an object that you can pick up nearly anywhere.
Billet Tear - With this simple tearing sequence you"ll be able to reveal almost any piece of information that the spectator can think of.
Instinct -This is a simple Russian Roulette routine which has been tested and used by Matt for many years. The method is genius and once you learn it you"ll be able to perform this miracle with a variety of presentations.
Preservation - A multiple phased PK effect in which you"re hands wrists and even the objects/environment can be completely examined beforehand.
Point and Predict :: After the spectator shuffles the pack of cards and spreads it across the table they are asked to touch one their choice completely free. The card box is then opened showing a prediction that"s been in play since the beginning. It predicts their chosen card.
Dark Arts - A drawing duplication of the simplest design. The spectator makes a drawing which is concealed in an envelope and held in their own hands. The performer then makes a drawing that perfectly matches the spectators.
Note: This is a non-discountable item.
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Magic - Matt Mello - Modern Mentalism Vol 1 and 2.rar

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